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Don't Just Settle for a Hotel Room!

Tip: Do your research and book early

The option of finding Beach House Rentals opens up your ability to get a true sense of "beach life". So, before renting another basic --aka boring-- hotel room, explore your options for renting a beach cottage or condo. Not only is this a lot more fun, it can also save you money if you do your research.

There are a wide variety of such rentals in pretty much any city with a beach culture.

Other Beach House Rental Options

Camping. While beach houses are always a safe option, they're not necessarily the cheapest. And they may not fit your particular beach life style! Some beach-goers prefer to go camping on or near the beach. Your options may be limited at the beaches in major cities. But if you are looking to get away to a more secluded location, camping or discovering a small rental may be just the ticket.

With this option, you can pack your beach camping gear (and maybe a comfy beach hammock) and discover just how relaxing a trip to the beach can be.

Home Exchange. Another great option may be a Home Exchange. With this option, you can get a great beach house rental without paying a thing! All you do is list your home on one of the many home exchange sites on the web. With time, you will be contacted by somebody looking for a home in your area, or you can you can do a search for beach houses in the area you would like to visit. Then you simply arrange with the other homeowner to swap houses for a specific period of time.

For example if you have a home in a popular metropolitan area or in the mountains, you may exchange homes with someone with a home at a beach who wants to go skiing or visit your city. It actually works really well! This option is not for everyone, of course, but it can allow you to find some great beach house rentals at a fraction of the cost of a hotel. Or even for free!

Apartment rental. Another popular choice for renting at the beach is to rent a condo or apartment for your vacation. Many people purchase a property and then when they are not using it offer it for rent. Although they may be a bit more expensive than your average Holiday Inn, since they come with a kitchen and are located right on the beach, you'll make up the difference in the money you would've spent on food and transportation costs.

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