A Beach Cart Makes Your Day Easier

Tip: Plan for comfort - pull your gear to the beach with a beach cart.

Do you need a Beach Cart? If you are headed to the beach by yourself a beach bag may be all you need. But if you're headed for a day out with your friends or family you may need some assistance in storing and transporting your food, drink and especially playthings.

The best carts that I know of are made by Wheeleez. (www.wheeleez.com) (and no, they're not paying me to mention them-- they really are good carts!)
The Wheeleez carts have pneumatic tires that are soft yet tough. They spread heavy loads over a larger surface area of the wheels than other carts. That makes it much easier to transport heavy or awkward loads. These wheels are so large that they will not sink in the sand.

They have several models which range from the extremely heavy duty cart which will carry up to 220 pounds to several folding versions that carry lighter loads

The folding carts are still extremely rugged but are a bit easier to store and transport in many cars. If you are frequently travel to the beach, and especially if you go with your family, strongly consider getting a cart to bring with you. They eliminate the need for multiple trips back to your car and make the process of getting to the beach much easier. If you want to move your coolers, chairs, umbrellas, toys and other items to the beach, park or sports field with ease, I strongly recommend you check into getting your own cart.

Building Your Own Beach Cart

Since starting this site, I've received quite a few inquiries regarding how to build a cart for the beach. I've spent hours on the internet looking for what I think is a good plan or diagram for building one at home.

I read a lot of postings from people talking about how they weren't happy with what they built or the plans they had found. In general almost everyone thought that the Wheelez tires were the way to go but were not very thrilled with the expense-- which is admittedly high. Several people mentioned that you could sometimes find cosmetically blemished wheels on their site at a great price.

In the end I simply couldn't find a plan that was universally recommended. But I still want to try and save you some work! Here are the best plans that I could find online. They cover a range of cart types, from carts made to haul kayaks to carts that are really for the garden (but work for the beach). I hope that you can modify one of them to suit your needs.

If you do find a plan for a good, solid beach cart that someone can build at home, I'd love to include it on this page. So contact me and let me know!

Beach Cart Building Plans:







PVC Workshop

Whizbang Garden Cart


Good luck!

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