Beach Life:
Tips for Life (or a Vacation!) on the Beach

All my life I've wanted a beach life. I grew up in the landlocked state of Iowa. A beach to us was a small strip of sand by a quarry. When we headed out we grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and a towel. When I moved to the West coast I learned that proper preparation and the proper accessories created an experience with much more fun in the sun.

Pictured here is my local beach at Seahurst Park on the beautiful shores of the Puget Sound just south of Seattle, Washington.

Now that I'm an official beach addict, all I really need for a minimalist day in the sand is a swimsuit and towel. But once I learned of the comforts that the proper equipment offered I was hooked.

For a wonderful and relaxing day there is nothing like a hammock and a cabana along with a well stocked cooler. Or some nice beach accessories to make myself more comfortable. Add to that some proper footwear to protect against the hot sand and of course sunglasses and other sun protection gear, and I'm really ready to go.

I LOVE my beach life. There are few things as enjoyable as the warmth of the sun and the feel of sand between my toes. I love that first smell of the ocean breeze and the steady sound of waves coming to shore. And of course I love watching all the other people as they enjoy their own day in the sun.

A day at the shore can consist of only a pair of cutoffs and a towel. But what about tips on:

Whether your beach destination is the ocean, a lake or river, or even an old rock quarry, there are plenty of options to explore to enhance your day of fun in the sun.

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